Roll The Dice
an Age of Empires 2 the Conquerors Scenario

Roll The Dice

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Changelist Roll The Dice

Full changelog, including versions in development: Here


v13.7 => Bug Fix: In rare situation HP Decrease flag didn't appear

v13.7 => Mini lotery modified, rewards are a bit higher with 1/4 chance to win

v13.7 => Mongols classic lotery give +15 gold

v13.6 => Bug Fix: -200 HPs/+300 HPs contracts work for all players

v13.6 => Start view is correctly set on shortcuts

v13.6 => You can always see who used panic

v13.6 => Visual effects added for no hay stacks events

v13.5 => Fix 4 corrupted spawn

v13.4 => Bug Fix: -200 HPs / -2000 HPs / HP Decrease fixed (it didn't kill the player in rare situation)

v13.4 => Bug Fix: Buy food help / mini lottery by mistake shoudn't happen anymore

v13.4 => Merchant exchange rate adjusted to 1 gold for 5 food or 5 wood

v13.4 => Food bonus adjusted to +25 Food, so player can use it even with the merchant

v13.4 => Block spawn cost 1 food per 5 secondes

v13.4 => Lottery is disable during super carts discount event

v13.4 => If a player delete his unit and have 10 food he won't be booted but will lose all his food

v13.4 => Achievements total owned carts don't count super carts back to classic store

v13.4 => Sniper high odds damage range increased

v13.4 => Minors bugs fix

v13.3 => Glitch fix: if someone got the merchant food bonus is disable

v13.2 => Bug Fix: Many spawns corrupted

v13.1 => Bug Fix: Byzantines trample damage removed (fake delete units detection, readded in v13 by mistake...)

v13.1 => Bug Fix: Castle blacksmith give rightly "Leather Archer Armor"

v13.1 => All civ can research all unit/blacksmith technologies 

v13.1 => Start messages are easier to read

v13.1 => Mini lotery average reward is higher

v13.1 => Admiral is more rare

v13.1 => Rare events gameplay improved

v13.1 => New rares events

v13.1 => Minors changes on civ bonus

v13.1 => Aoe1 units rage time is stronger

v13.1 => Sniper reflexion cost 3 super carts

v13.1 => Herbal Medecin researched at start

v13.1 => Triggers optimized

v13.0 => Triggers optimized, game runs much better

v13.0 => 1,000+ new spawns, all probabilities modified / balanced

v13.0 => Sniper immunity replaced by sniper reflexion

v13.0 => First player who use panic or micro panic wins a bonus

v13.0 => Micro Panic shortcut added

v13.0 => Micro Panic added in food store (80 food)

v13.0 => Exchanger immunity 70 Food / Lucky dice 70 Food

v13.0 => Disable/Enable spawn auto set view shortcut added

v13.0 => Panic explosions effects are more various and realistic

v13.0 => Wood stone contract adjusted to +2 / +4 / +6

v13.0 => Three new upgrades in classic store

v13.0 => New rare upgrades in unknown upgrade

v13.0 => Invincible timer design improved

v13.0 => Reroll and panic shortcuts are launched faster

v13.0 => Game give you new units faster

v13.0 => New discounts, raised prices

v13.0 => Constant unit and hero event can happen several times in a game

v13.0 => Outpost start HPs diversity increased

v13.0 => Starts messages are easier to read

v13.0 => Almost all probabilities are 100% independants

v13.0 => Players spawns begin 15 secondes after game start

v13.0 => Hints probabilities updated

v13.0 => New civ bonus, check hints

v12.2 => Minors changes on super rare events

v12.1 => You can't dodge panic if you are outside the garrison tower

V12.0f => Bug fix: No more delete units detected with all tower

v12.0e => Heavy bersek rage time is better

v12.0e => Accursed tower +1 AP/5 sec and +4 start AP

v12.0e => New super rare upgrade in random upgrade (0.048%)

v12.0e => Add some colours to rare messages

v12.0d => Bug fix: No more delete units detected with garrison tower

v12.0d => Garrisons towers heal more garrisoned units

v12.0c => Two new start events

v12.0c => Better hints

v12.0b => Bug fix: Turks get rightly free ballistics + chemistry

v12.0a => Bug fix: Host couldn't buy ballistics + chemistry sometimes

v12.0a => Triggers a lot optimized, records work fine now

v12.0a => Better match info achievements

v12.0 => New rare fun spawns

v12.0 => Decrease score upgrade in food store

v12.0 => Heavy berseker bonus modified

v12.0 => New upgrades in the random upgrade

v12.0 => Many civ bonus ajustements / more balanced

v12.0 => Camelry armour fix technology disabled

v12.0 => Start events come more often

v12.0 => Berseker faster regeneration

v12.0 => 90% damage resistance exact timer showed at max pop

v12.0 => Total carts exact counter showed at actual pop

v12.0 => All civ get their imperial bonus at start

v12.0 => Cartography researched at start for team game

v12.0 => Wood start delay +7 sec

v12.0 => Start dice number duration +5 sec

v12.0 => Stone contracts ajusted

5 Stone Contract /// +3 Wood
7 Stone Contract /// +6 Wood
10 Stone Contract /// +9 Wood
5 Stone Contract /// +1 Gold
7 Stone Contract /// +2 Gold
10 Stone Contract /// +3 Gold
5 Stone Contract /// +10 Food
7 Stone Contract /// +300 HP to You
7 Stone Contract /// -200 HP to enemies'
v12.0 => New info in match achievements:
Feudal time -> Final power time
Castle time -> Ultimate power time
Imperial time -> Mega power time
Food -> Outposts starting HP
Wood -> Outpost burning starting time in minutes
Stone -> Inflicted damages with -200HP, -2kHP and -HP/sec
Gold -> Owned HP with +300HP, +3k and +HP/sec
Trade Profit -> Total amount of carts owned
Tribute Received -> Number of sniper received
Total Wonders -> Real kills counter
Total Castles -> Total razes counter
Relics Captured -> Power reached at player's death
Relic Gold -> Maximum gold income per minutes

v11.0c => Units probabilities ajusted and hints updated

v11.0b => Fix broken spawn and new units

v11.0 => Outpost alternative start HP probabilities increased
v11.0 => Store start changes probabilities ajusted
v11.0 => +75 and +25 food contract replaced by +300 HP and -200 HP contracts
v11.0 => 5 stone food contract give +10 food instead +5.
v11.0 => You can know gold income of each players (relics in store)
v11.0 => You can know if a player have 25, 50 or 75+ saved gold (explosions on his store flag)
v11.0 => +5 Gold ! Bingo give rightly +5 gold and not +10
v11.0 => Random outpost burning start (start time noticed at start by the dice number at middle)
v11.0 => Outpost burning is more progressive (look hints)
v11.0 => New rare fun spawn
v11.0 => You can heal the monkey boy
v11.0 => A new start game mod added

V10.2b => FE: Host start dark age 

v10.2 => Fix all Gods Own Sling glitch
v10.2 => FE: Magyars have Elite Magyar Huszar

v10.1 => Special kills bonus removed because bugged with bbt

v10.0 => Anti camp come more often

v9.9 => Anti camp added for "90% Dammage Resistance" as random explosions 
v9.9 => Fix minors bugs 

v9.8 => Lucky dice cost 75 food
v9.8 => Noob store in 6p enable
v9.8 => Sell sniper give to you 20 gold instead 30
v9.8 => Lower odds for sniper immunity discount
v9.8 => 2500 HP start probability is 1/12 instead 1/16
v9.8 => Lucky enchantment do x3 hero probability instead x2
v9.8 => New high odds upgrade in unknown upgrade
v9.8 => Bonus for combo kills
v9.8 => Bonus for each kills with ram, Gods Own Sling and Jean de Lorrain
v9.8 => Consecutive kills contract island added
v9.8 => Add block spawn ability in food island
v9.8 => Middle HP Rate upgrade is x6 instead x3
v9.8 => +300 HP enable when sniper war mode
v9.8 => Selection island visual effect improved
v9.8 => Improved hints

v9.7 => Fix fake delete unit detected (Trample Damage from byzantines removed)
v9.7 => Lucky Dice deactivated during constant unit event
v9.7 => Reroll hero cost 80 food
v9.7 => FE: Reroll hero for italians cost 70 food

v9.6 => Fix bad text for HP Increase/Decrease discount
v9.6 => Rate multiplicators raised text never show display instruction
v9.6 => Leader event work always with panic 5 carts price
v9.6 => Higher odds for panic raised to 4 and 5 carts
v9.6 => HP Increase is also removed during Survival event
v9.6 => BBT from start event have 1000 HP
v9.6 => Turbo start ajusted to 25 wood
v9.6 => Better hints + RTD link
v9.6 => FE: Japs don't have Yasama
v9.6 => FE: Royal janissary spawn fixed

v9.5 => Store is variant and can totally change at start.
v9.5 => New start events: Bombard Towers, Gold and Turbo.
v9.5 => Start HP can be various.
v9.5 => Random Upgrade: Extra sniper removed
v9.5 => Lucky dice cost 90 Food
v9.5 => Rare events are noticed with green text colour.

v9.4 => Store optimized 
v9.4 => Sniper Immunity added (15 carts)
v9.4 => You can see who sniped you 
v9.4 => Can't snipe dead player
v9.4 => Damage/2 cost 6 carts
v9.4 => No anti block for damage resistance
v9.4 => Cobra car 50 HP and spawn fixed (Don't work since V9.2)
v9.4 => Player isn't precised when someone steal wood 
v9.4 => Super high odds proba ajusted (random upgrade) 
v9.4 => Extra sniper higher odds (random upgrade)
v9.4 => Dys AP power up ajusted (less powerful/more improbable)
v9.4 => New: "Lucky enchantment" in random upgrade:

               - Probability to get hero is x2

               - Probability to get +10 AP on relics is x2

               - Probability to get +3 gold on broken carts is x2

v9.3 => Anti block system improved

v9.3 => No change view from anti block

v9.3 => Start view at shortcuts

v9.3 => Max time in damage resistance is 24 sec

v9.2 => Fix fake delete units detected

v9.1 => Anti block system added for Panic / Damage Resistance / +3 Wood

v9.1 => Micro Panic added

v9.1 => Medium Power is better

v9.1 => Booter removed

v9.1 => Players can sell snipers

v9.1 => Cobra isn't damaged by time and have 80 HP

v9.1 => Little change on civ bonus

v9.1 => Little change on kills rewards

v9.0 => Add the food island

v9.0 => Reroll cost 5 food

v9.0 => Mega Power less powerful

v9.0 => -4 HP/sec from 1v1 removed

v9.0 => Start with 30 food

v9.0 => Anti delete for towers

v9.0 => Turks BBT +250HP instead +500HP

v9.0 => Unknown upgrade little changes

v9.0 => Constant units events more often

v9.0 => Add a new start event

v9.0 => Kill merchant = bonus

v9.0 => Random Upgrade:

    - Give gold to all removed

    - +50 Gold to all added

    - Add +250/+100 wood to all players

    - +300 food instead +1000

v8.5 => Fix minor bugs

v8.4 => Fix events probabilities (v8.2 bug)

v8.3 => Fix too much ap and gold spawn (v8.2 bug)

v8.2 => Faster units spawn speed
v8.2 => Explosions after 1h30 do less damage
v8.2 => Mega Power at 250 kills and do also +30 HP per sec
v8.2 => Civ bonus improved

v8.1 => 9 new rare upgrade in rdm upgrade box
v8.1 => Double bombards towers is direct
v8.1 => +1 cart/2 min replaced by lottery
v8.1 => Ornlu have more AP
v8.1 => Mega Power at 300 kills

v8.0 => Spawn triggers redesigned, big improvements for game fluidity
v8.0 => Anti delete system redesigned, more efficiency
v8.0 => Constant units event improved
v8.0 => More heal range for monk
v8.0 => Add new double spawn
v8.0 => +3,5k/-3,5k HP replaced by new upgrade
v8.0 => Unknown upgrade improved

v7.6 => After 1h30 outposts are damaged by rdm explosions
v7.6 => Noob store work also for 7p and 6p game

v7.5 => Fix wood machine for p6

v7.4 => Fix a bug which make wolf too strong since v7.1

v7.3 => Fix a bug which make all dysfunctional machine too much powerfull
v7.3 => Booter added
v7.3 => Add helpful messages

v7.2 => Steal wood upgrade fixed

v7.1 => Add the noob store which improve game balance
v7.1 => Unknown upgrade is better
v7.1 => +2k HP to outposts when team detected
V7.1 => Real rdm power for wolf
v7.1 => Ornlu can be rarely boosted

v7.0 => Civ bonus added
v7.0 => Imam upgrade superseded by a fun upgrade
v7.0 => New rare bonus
v7.0 => Some changes on events
v7.0 => Ultimate +3 HP/sec instead 5
v7.0 => Medium Power Up +7 HP/10 sec instead 5
v7.0 => 100 Kills = +10 Gold instead +15

v6.1 => Fix minor bugs

v6.0 => Map and triggers optimized for less laggy game
v6.0 => Inam upgrade cost only 1 super tc
v6.0 => Food bonus in store is now +2 Food/min

v5.0 => Kills reward changed
v5.0 => Super store added
v5.0 => Little change in normal store
v5.0 => Panic shorcut always back for prevent panic inadvertently
v5.0 => Fix a small bug (Panic which failed rarely)
v5.0 => Add lot of new hero spawn
v5.0 => Hero time during only 1 min

v4.0 => Sniper changed
v4.0 => Better probabilities for strong hero
v4.0 => Triggers and events optimized

v3.0 => Gameplay improvements
v3.0 => Night and day event removed
v3.0 => Remove auto damage to outposts after 1 hour

v2.0 => Lot of new in store
v2.0 => More kills rewards
v2.0 => Vill event removed

v1.0 => Final Version. lol

v0.9 => Store prices ajusted
v0.9 => Fix last bugs
v0.9 => Scorp +16 AP, Amiral -500 HP, Cobra -25 HP, Monkey Boy -4 HP

v0.8 => Fix events broken

v0.7 => Fix minors bugs
v0.7 => Extra HP ajusted to +300

v0.6 => Monkey boy, gods own sling and subo added in random box
v0.6 => Better event system and one more added

v0.5 => Fix a bug with cobra car
v0.5 => Fun event added
v0.5 => After 1 hour outpost lose 1,2 or 3 HP / sec
v0.5 => Extra HP and damage ajusted to -200 / +200

v0.4 => When you die you can still see players fighting.
v0.4 => Outpost start with 2500 HP
v0.4 => Outpost lose 1 HP / sec but get +25 HP / Kill
v0.4 => Store outpost extra HP and damage work also during the night event.
v0.4 => 2 explosions events added on middle

v0.3 => Add panic in store
v0.3 => Ram have a better probability
v0.3 => Now noobest units are boosted, for prevent of big disavantage
v0.3 => Delete Imam is allowed
v0.3 => Wall replace by outpost with 3000 HP => +raze bonus (5 Gold)
v0.3 => Add a cool night event,explored map is necessary (approximately 1/2 to come during a game)
v0.3 => Outpost are no longer damaged by the time
v0.3 => Cobra begin now with only 150 HP and lose 1 HP/sec unless on middle.
v0.3 => Now you can't get Imam if it's already on map.

v0.2 => Research islands removed
v0.2 => Store added

v0.1 => Roll The Dice out ! Release date: 01/08/12

Triggers Counter

16 421 Triggers
53 770 Conditions
93 705 Effects