Roll The Dice
an Age of Empires 2 the Conquerors Scenario

Roll The Dice

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Roll The Dice is a 8 players map, FFA or teams. Each player spawns in an arena as a random unit. When that unit dies, another random one spawns for you to fight as. There are 8 outposts in the arena belonging to each player, and when they are destroyed the player looses. When you get kills, you earn money you can use to upgrade your possible units, your outpost, and more. Last tower remaining wins. Attack and gold bonus appear randomly on the map as relics and broken carts that you can pick.

This is a fun map, with a part of lucky, where noob and pro can play together. But you can still become skilled and win most of the time without luck ! In fact, it's like poker. Skills are to know get kills with any unit, have reflex and know what to buy in the store. The good point is all events which are coming are random, so you will always improvise your strategy in terms of players, units they get, and their psychology. There are too much random factors so there isn't a constant best buy order, you have to show reflection, always.

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